Do you auction any of your cards?

Yes, all auctions are run through the Whatnot app, where we offer exclusive deals and products. We also feature our famous WWE Royal Rumbles!

Are your cards graded?

Some cards are graded. Grading is noted in product descriptions and graded cards appear as such in product photos.

Do your cards come in a hard sleeve?

Any purchases made on our site will be shipped in a hard-sleeve. 

Do you carry Japanese/ Chinese/ English cards?

Yes, we stock Japanese, Chinese, and English cards on a revolving basis-- if you are looking for something specific check back regularly and/or message us via this website or on Instagram

An item I want is out of stock-- will you get another one?

Unfortunately, if a card is out of stock we cannot guarantee it will restock on the site. However, we are happy to offer finding services accompanied by a finder's fee, calculated on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to us via our contact form or on Instagram for more information. 

For all FAQ's regarding shipping, please see Shipping Inquiries .



It all started with kid Gohan...

Flow Roll Collectibles was started by a dude who has loved Jiu-Jitsu and DragonBall since he was a kid. Eli wants to spread the joy of collecting cards through his platform, and prides himself on creating a quality experience for collectors, beginners, and especially the cards themselves.

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